Thursday, September 08, 2011

Today, I am still typing the same review, ever so slowly. I am enjoying INJURING ETERNITY by Millicent Borges Accardi. I will rest today and journal, I think. I was put on another med, 3 times a day which is supposed to help me relax, and I'm all for relaxing today. I am getting used to not having to work and losing everything like wallets, credit cards etc. Anyone who really knows me knows I have/had this problem. When I'm not working, I am more able to hold onto things. It's ADD or ADHD, which I'm not sure, but I take Strattera to help me focus better and it really works well. I think a lot of poets I know have ADD... In any case, I drink a lot of coffee, which is supposed to help ADD. And today, once again, there is no coffee and it's really bothering me. I can have some later, but in the now I'm cranky. But the fact I'm no longer working, leaves me to blogging, journaling, drawing etc. I'm very lucky as my roomate has no hobbies to keep her entertained. In any case, I'm still waiting for my Social Security hearing, which I think is in about 8-9 months, which seems inhumane and cruel, but I do have Aid to Needy Disabled or something like that-- the big $175.00 a month, and it's getting difficult as I can't afford much beyond rent, which I'll have to pay back with SSDI if I get it. I'm really worried, as I've had some difficulties working, not just teaching. I had a terrible time at 7-11. In any case, I should be able to get it as I was on it in the past. Yes, it's transparency time. I think I may start writing more about my experiences. I'm tired of academics writing about stuff they don't experience or those who feel experience is irrelevant or unreal. I realize people judge people for things, but I know my own experiences. And I will add that the nurse here is a total bitch.

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