Friday, September 23, 2011

I'm in a bad mood as computer is dying. I think I need a new hard drive/ a new computer, which isn't going to happen at this time. My hearing isn't for another 7-8 months, so I'm kind of screwed. Will go to the Summit Center/Clubhouse to see if I can use their computers. Hopefully, miraculously this problem will get better. I think the hard drive is just old, so I'm going to try to save my newer work, along with the manuscript, which I do already have on flash-drive and email. What a bummer. Want to buy a hard drive at Best Buy, but I don't have any money at this time. We'll see. Have a number of poems I would like to send out and hope to send out before the computer dies. Doing cross-word puzzles and word finds to pass the time. Will go for a walk tonight as abilify has helped pack the weight on. Now on a new drug called Latuda. I'm on VERY expensive meds but am in a Colorado program and programs with the prescription drug companies for poor and indigent people. Yeah, I'm kinda indigent. But I do have a roof over my head and plenty of food, so I am very blessed. I am not much a believer in prayer, but if you are pray I can save these poems. Like wild horses in Wyoming No Longer Writing Arroyos One Pansy Greets the Day Only Clouds A Contentious Woman Speaks After All Awe Four Little Buddhas Here comes the Rain La Mano Negra We'll see. I'm going to get to trying to save them and will blog later. Have a wonderful fall! The trees are changing colors here, and it always surprises me how that creeps up on me, unnoticed. Be aware. I am aware of many blessings today. I will focus on those instead of the possible loss of a computer. I can always write long hand.

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