Tuesday, June 01, 2010


I wonder what magazines you can send to in the summer. It seems sending out poems in fall/spring is basically not going to happen in my case. I suppose I should just keep getting them ready to send out in the fall, but by then, I don't know. Mags should take submissions in the summer in my opinion. It is after all, all about my disorganization. No, it's time. Even if it means just getting stuff ready to send out in Aug./Sept.

Hmmm. Where should I send these poems? I have a lot of poems that I need to revise, but I think I will just revise them and send them out without judgment. It's hard because you feel you can always improve a poem, but I haven't sent work out in YEARS, and I do mean YEARS. I always want to post drafts up here, but I've learned not to do that as people unconsciously lift lines and it sort of pisses me off. This person, I'm sure has no idea they did it.

It's time to send out my work. I can't just continue to sit on it it and contemplate it here where I am all passe.

I've said this before, but this time I really mean it. June is an important month here. If I can just get past my exhaustion and get stuff percolating, I'll feel better about the writing. I need to DO SOMETHING and not just talk about it.

I think I will just pick some off of this list online. Time to just do it and prepare for the coming onslaught of rejections. Then eventually some will get taken. Right?!

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