Monday, June 14, 2010

Yusuf Islam On Charlie Rose (Part 2)

Thinking still about transformation. Went out yesterday to a Buddhist temple and it was interesting. Bought a few things there including a money frog and laughing Buddha. Wondering how much I can transform in this life. I have difficult bad thought patterns to break, but am still singing the praises of the DBT workbook. Tried to share this stuff with someone who is severely depressed last night and got nowhere with it.

I still need to go to the Butterfly Pavilion here in Colorado. Thousands of butterflies are in the building and you are able to enter a room with all of the butterflies and some of them, I suppose, land on you. I promised S I would go before she died. She used to always tell me, "if you stop trying to catch the butterfly, it will land on your shoulder."
I feel in many ways, I've stopped trying to catch one in life, after all, I work at 7-11. I do feel more at peace than I have in many years. I worry still, but over all, I am letting go of some things.

I'm off work the next two days and hope to do some serious revision and possible writing while I am off work. Not sure if I can write anymore 7-11 poems. Someone said to write an entire book of 7-11 poems, but I'm not sure I will. I have a number though that I've already written that just need to be revised.

I want to send poems out to journals this fall. Not too many places take poetry during the summer, so since I'm kind of unorganized, I think I'll go ahead and work on the poetry all summer and get it ready to mail, email out in the fall.


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