Thursday, June 10, 2010

Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) The Wind - Live

At the coffee shop getting ready to read Ashbery and possibly write something. Feeling good since it's my day off. Lots of stress working at a convenience store, lots of potential poems about it too! Very tiring. It is in a weird way good to be tired, to be physically active all day long. I've changed in some ways physically and mentally and it's difficult to recognize that I have some limitations I didn't used to have. These things are a challenge, but we work within our limitations and do the best we can. I'm beginning to feel this applies to writing as well. I'm just not as quick as I once was when it comes to remembering things: even basic instructions. Not sure what the future holds, but it seems easier for me to engage with students in a classroom than to engage with the register, counterfeit twenties, smokers impatient for discounts, fellow employees just out of the military who are insane (literally) and extremely impatient for me to move faster, think faster, be faster etc. They are used to ordering each other around in the military. Long ago I could have gone to West Point and at times I've regretted not going, but now, now I'm a okay with the decision to avoid the military altogether. Thank god I didn't go!

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