Friday, June 18, 2010

The Wind Cat Stevens

Tempted to post a poem/draft this morning, but I've decided my interest are best served by sending my work to journals and presses in the future. I am feeling good about what I'm writing, though often more self critical than I should be. Sent a bit of work out and am very much looking forward to sending out more poems to journals in Aug./Sept. Getting ready to attend Canto Mundo which is refreshing since I want to meet Demetria Martinez. I have needed a workshop for some time and hope that Canto Mundo will offer inspiration.

Hope to hear something back soon from a press and will be working on a third manuscript this year. Not really sure publishing a lot is the key to writing well, and I've decided it's okay that I'm not churning work out these past few years. Things needed time to gel. Lots of the poems I'm writing are not narrative and quite fragmented yet lyrical. Eager to revise yet a bit overwhelmed with the sheer volume of poems I must revise.

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