Sunday, June 06, 2010

Cat Stevens "How Can I Tell You?" :)

for P

Today I go to work in less than an hour and am exhausted for some reason. Very tired. Drinking coffee. I sense I'm back writing again. Sent work to some journals yesterday, but unfortunately had a typo in one of the poems, but you never know. Will send more out soon. Also writing more and more. Feels good.

Lots of ideas, short story ideas possibly or poems. I don't know. Lots of interesting things go on at the 7-11 and I work with interesting and unusual people. Lots of good stories, narratives coming to me too; now if I can only get working past being tired. People work so very hard. Companies seem intent on being crooked too. But all we can do is our very best.

Wanting so much to write again suddenly. Eager to get to the blank page, and this always feels good.

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