Monday, April 18, 2011

Wrote a flurry of poems today. Some were about running in the rain and how that's different than writing in the rain, as it was sprinkling as I wrote. I feel good about writing again. It had been a long, long time. I'd grown disillusioned with what people call po-biz. Ugh, it just makes me ill. Now I'm just so glad to be writing, and I recognize there are many communities one can become involved with in fostering the art. I realize I write mostly in free verse and am excited to have poems out circulating both electronically and with the snail mail. I made a mistake of sending snail mail to one place that now prefers electronic submissions. Boy have things changed in the last five or six years regarding submissions. I feel free though I am living in abject poverty, seriously. I've applied for social security and am resting for the first time in years and it feels fantastic. I had no idea I was under such stress. And stress can cause us to make poor decisions, lead us into depression and cause us to forget to see the beauty in the world. Seriously, I am so glad to be alive today, writing and reading. Someone kindly sent me four poetry books!!! I'm thrilled!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Such generosity is a blessing in my life as I must rely on checking books out at the library. It's nice to have some to pass on to someone else or something. I like that gift-giving sense of economy and generosity. And now I am going to get back to the poems.

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