Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Today, I am learning patience. I like the way he says in life we look back on the journey with a new light.

I just love this song!!!!

I just love this life!!!

I am trying to write poems tonight, but first I must cook dinner. Then I'll just let the feelings roll on by. Someone said they didn't like the word "flow" in poems, so I suddenly feel like using it.


Here's something I just wrote. I may take it down. Not sure.

Today clouds graying and a blue sky hangs below
beautifully indifferent to the coming storm.
I drew a window with what’s hidden behind a curtain
and what’s open, penned with colors and pastels,
rubbed to a stained glass look. And even what’s seen
hides what’s unseen. Longing for magic, words that pop
but all that comes is a strange silence. The spring trees
still look like autumn, and winter is estranged in my mind.
Today clouds largely over the blue, and the bare trees
Sprouting only buds, a boy, a young man wearing a bandanna
rips off a branch for stick, it is green where the life was torn.
The ripping upsets us, though we use furniture and all kinds of abuse.
We wear abuse daily, but the sky saves us from ourselves
And the trees go on in their beauty, traumatized or not,
They grow on, teaching us a stillness, a way to wait and praise.

Peace and patience. I know I need to work on them.

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