Sunday, April 17, 2011

Got some help with the manuscript today, which makes me feel better. Disappointed I can't embed more Enya videos. Oh well. I will work some more on the manuscript this week. Hopefully, I'll figure out what I'm doing exactly with it in time. I deal with some strong personal traumas, including the deaths of good friends and others. This is no joke. Now, I'm thinking of going ahead with "Seven" or "Seven/Seven," but probably just "Seven."

I got some good advice today which helps a lot! I've not felt well today physically, but will go to sleep early tonight hopefully.

I've been writing some new poems to the Enya cd, and will likely listen to other stuff and see where that takes me with poems.

Concerned for the health of a family member. Wanting to move to San Francisco, but realizing the unlikelihood of this with my income, or lack there of. I just like San Francisco better than NYC. I suppose its the hills. Not sure. My cousin, actually 2 cousins live in the bay area. But it's more likely I'll stay in the great state of Colorado for a few more years. Hopefully I'll be able to head to the mountains this summer somehow. I live close to the foothills in Lakewood, but prefer to head up to my favorite horse trail when I have enough gas. I hope to attend Canto Mundo in Austin this summer. My mother will be making it possible for me to get there. I can also see my brother and sister on the way there.

Ah, Texas. I actually miss Texas.

But I'm a Coloradoan for now.


I'd post some poems I'm working on but have decided its best to send work out to journals at this time.

Missing interactions with writers, daily interactions, but as someone said, we interact with writers when we read their work, so I'll probably be reading some this week as groups are cancelled till the 21st, but I think my roommate may be wrong about that. I hope so. I like to have something to do, but less stressful than teaching or working.

I'm off to facebook now.

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