Monday, May 09, 2011

Well, it looks like I'll be staying with the manuscript for a while. It's just not ready. :( Hopefully, I can enjoy revising and improving it. I guess working on an acknowledgement page was a bit premature. I will call and communicate, but I simply can't publish it as is now.

Today it's windy! Hope it dies down before 7pm, so I can go for a walk.

I've been journaling a lot but writing less. Tonight I hope to try to write something new as I am really tired of dealing with the manuscript. I will stay away from it for a week or two and then hopefully get back into the revision process. I think I was in a hurry to publish due to comparing myself to others progress, but my pace apparently is slower than I thought. I worked on Pity for 5 years, but I had some of the poems as early as ten years before the book came out. Overall, I was disgusted with po-biz, but I need to spend my time healing and resting right now, so I'll contact someone and let them know it's still in progress. I am overwhelmed in many ways with trying to keep up with others. It will find a home when it's ready, and it's simply not ready. It's been nagging me for some time now, knowing something isn't right, feeling the lines were too flat, maybe listening to too many people too. So, B will blow a gasket when I tell him since I told him I was essentially done. I'm not. I will try to give it a few more months, maybe two to six more months of revision. I don't know.

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