Monday, May 02, 2011

This song makes me smile. I am getting ready to pay, oh pay taxes. I've been reading an issue of Poetry Sept. 2010 and finding the poems witty. I think my poems need more wit, or at least think it's interesting to readers who are not poets. But I dislike hard judgment in poems, though I am guilty of the same thing in poems. Drinking chai getting ready to write the first of many monthly checks which will possibly kill me :(

I'm also still reading THE SHIPPING NEWS by Annie Proulx and the jury is still in session on that one, though I do find it interesting as this guy is a loser and feels himself a loser, or at least the narrator does. I can relate to the character so far, feeling somewhat defective and learning only this year it's a result of PTSD.

My friend and I yesterday were laughing at PTTSD, post teaching traumatic stress disorder!!! hahaha

I guess a lot of people are grading right now, and I can only report that I am still recovering from PTTSD.

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