Monday, May 16, 2011

My poem, "Elegy for Narcissus" was just accepted by the Valparaiso Poetry Review!

Yipee. That makes three, and what's really good is that this poem is from the manuscript, so that helps a lot with confidence since of late it's been drained.

Tonight I will wash clothes and get back to revising some poems.

I walked about a mile today, and my foot is now sore. Boy, do I need to keep walking. I am starting to feel my age these days. So hopefully long walks through a nearby park will have me writing a few good lines. It's a great way to meditate and to feel better about life. Lots of robins and squirrels, one big white rat (as earlier relayed), rabbits and tons of crickets and bugs buzzing all over the place. It's fantastic.

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