Saturday, March 31, 2012

Working on table of contents. Whew. It's been difficult. Not sure how to remove page numbers from section titles. Every time I remove a single pg. # they all disappear. Ugh, so I'm going to send recent edits in with page numbers throughout manuscript. I added four new poems to it and feel pretty good. Here's the present breakdown of poem titles and those pesky section titles. It will most certainly piss an old ex-friend off too! Ha!

Ira, furor, rabia/paciencia
The Breaking
La Chingada
I was once the Dusty Ramble of Desert Weeds
The Memory
A Contentious Woman Speaks

Lujuria, ansia/castidad

The Photograph
The Hunger of Forgetting
Kitchen of Grief
Brandy Down
Our Throats Like Fire
Beginning and Ending
On Innocence
Universal Kiss


Crazy Ted Talks to the Virgin de Guadalupe
This is the Wintry Season
The Flowers Coming Soon
El Pescador
Cabeza de Vaca’s Horse
Smarter Than Everyone Else
Song For Being Put Away For Unsuccessful Robberies

Envidia, orgullo/benevolencia, amabilidad, humilidad

Elegy for Narcissus
This is The Way We Come to Light
Writing The Next Poem
Alluvial Heartache
Born in the Southwest
El Paso Women
Lubbock, Texas 1981
La Mano Negra

Gula, Glotonería/codicia, ambicíon, avidez

The Healing Poem
Chico’s Tacos
Elegy for a Warrior
Forty Days

Codicia, ambicíon, avidez/benevolencia, la caridad

The Damselfly
Stars Emerge from Every Conceivable Place
Not One Red Cent
The Loser
For the Fire Happy Boss and Owner at 7-11 on Ralston and Wadsworth In What Surely is the      Middle of Hell: Arvada, Colorado
Ouray’s Eyes
Every Loser Surprises the World

Envida/benevolencia, amabilidad

The Wounded Healer
Coming Home
Arc of the Sun
The Path
Small Defiant Gods
All That Will Ever Matter

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