Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Finally finished the edits based on two fantastic editors' comments. I am feeling more relieved than elated. V-E-R-Y thankful for the wonderful help. It is shaping up quite nicely I believe. I think this is probably just the first go-round with the edits, but the manuscript is really looking better. It feels fantastic to have done some work on it finally. I still need to check out Richard Siken's book from the library (I can in no way afford to buy poetry books at this time otherwise I would purchase it.) I love Marvin Gaye, and was actually dancing in the apartment today despite a grueling day running errands like paying taxes, applying for medicaid and other things. It is refreshing to engage in creativity and it's fun to dance.. I've been doing a lot of drawing but have been stuck on manuscript revisions for some time. I think that we will get to the knitty gritty soon. All I have to do tomorrow night is to go through it poem by poem to make sure sections are connected to the quotations I have chosen for each of the sections. My social security hearing is next Wed., but I was actually more scared of this manuscript and revising it than I was about the hearing. Ugh. This woman in my building said the attorney I have is very good as he won her case. She said she only had to go into the hearing or speak for like three minutes. I hope that's my situation too! I am so very thankful that I got through this manuscript today. Finally.

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