Thursday, March 22, 2012

"Loops" by Robert Creeley from LIFE AND DEATH 1994. New Directions

The other who I'd be
never the same as me
no way to step outside and see
more than some penitence of memory--

As day fades to the dust-filled light
in the window in the back wall beyond sight
where I can feel the coming night
like an old friend who sets all to rights--

In the constrictions of this determined scribble
despite slipping thought's wobble
the painful echoing senses of trouble
I've caused others and cannot end now--

Boxed in a life too late to know other
if there was ever any other
but the fact of a lost tether
kept the other still somehow there--

. . .

To be oneself once and for all
to look through the window and see the wall
and want no more
of anything at all beyond.

Loved this poem when I read it. I've written it longhand in my journal as well. I have also enjoyed immensely EYE AGAINST EYE by Forrest Gander. Wow~ When I first read Gander I thought it was so scientific, but it is clear I wasn't paying attention. I am learning quite a bit I think in this reading. It feels so good to read again, though I do it 15 minute spurts with long breaks in between. I also wrote two new poems which feels very good. Next I read Afaa Michael Weaver and Dave Smith. Dave Smith is a poet I've admired in the past.  In any case, I like two of three of the books I've been reading which is not bad. But then again, sometimes I have to come back to a book later in life before it begins to resonate. Altogether I checked out six. The library at Belmar is a very good one, plus I can always request a book from other Colorado libraries.

Editors have the manuscript and are commenting. I have some hope with the process and hope I won't again be let down. I found some typos when re-reading but will wait to make changes until I hear something back.

Still weary of po-biz hustlers with no goods, but then again I have to free myself of this envy. What's the point? So some poets seem to really suck. I'm sure they think the same of my work. All is well. Everything is ok. All will be well.

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