Monday, January 02, 2012

Will apply for medicaid tomorrow and let me tell you, the application is no fun :(
Luckily I head a friend help me fill it out and she knew which sections could go unanswered, otherwise, I'd still be filling out the application, which is thick! My friend says I need to be waiting outside at 6 a.m. since a long line will form. I like Obama for making medicaid more accessible to more people. Don't care what Republican members of my own family think! I need Medicaid! I used to have it, but like a fool I let it lapse, along with Social Security, two things I will NOT let happen again.

Will try to send some poems out Wed. Getting a few rejections, many more to follow. No fun! Oh well, Keep trying.

Tied of Latino men running the poetry show. Real tied of it. actually tired of men running the show when it comes to poetry and truly believing they are more gifted than everyone else of another gender.

Alas, I will go my own way.

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