Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Moved into new apartment, mostly. Getting some feedback on multiple versions of "Seven" from a publisher. Basically, I'm fairly discouraged at the moment, but will read notes more carefully tomorrow morning.  I haven't really been able to focus on the notes. Not sure where it's going or even where it's been. Feeling less of a poet these days, but will hopefully get back into the writing/revising when I get completely moved in to new apt. I have no desk, no bed etc yet, but I did manage to buy a card table with four chairs which will have to suffice for a while for writing. Headed to Austin at the end of February for a symposium where I get to be in a workshop run by Marilyn Hacker with other Canto Mundo fellows. Looking forward to this. Hopefully that will help me get both my head and heart back into this manuscript. It feels grueling and somewhat lonely despite having support in this process. Fact is, I am getting multiple voices advising me, and I think I need to just sit with it for a bit longer and really think about where I want it to go I respect the people giving me advice and I am glad someone's interested in it, but it's been a long haul this manuscript. I wonder sometimes why I'm such a slow writer. I have time now. So hopefully I'll get into it again.

Missing someone.

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