Wednesday, January 04, 2012

I didn't get some paperwork in for my medicaid application, and I probably can't get it together until next week, which I think knocks me out of the first come first serve situation in Colorado. In any case, I feel bad for my last post. I did miss my meds for 3-4 days due to the trip to El Paso and getting back later than anticipated. In any case, I get testy and argumentative when I am off my meds. I need to take them in order to function and get along. I will work on that not happening again. Poor planning and a nurse who said, "you won't notice the difference," since some pills were missing. Well, obviously there was a difference in that I missed two more days.

Not much to do these days, but I am meeting with a publisher about my poems. Hopefully something will pan out soon. We'll see. I got two poems taken by Pilgrimage which is nice.

I suppose next I'll get ready to send some poems out to journals in the next few days as I am looking for an apartment after getting Shelter Plus Care voucher.

God bless America!

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