Sunday, April 25, 2010

Thomas Lux

I've been reading Maria Melendez's FLEXIBLE BONES and am enjoying it.

School is almost out for the summer, then I'll have nothing to do but apply for jobs. :[

No, that's not true. I will get started on revising poems that I wrote at Yaddo last summer.

It is a beautiful morning. I love Sunday morning and want to listen to some music! No, I want silence. The window is open and the trains have been hustling and cranking by followed by stillness, birds chirping and the distant hum of cars. The mountains are covered in snow and the morning light falls on them with that sense of magic I felt at Provincetown . You know, when the light has an orange twinge to it and everything seems to glow.

I need to finish a novel today and begin to write a review of it. I've been saying that for a long time. Things get in the way of it.

I may go to Boulder later today with a friend. I want a chai and need to return some library books.

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