Friday, April 02, 2010

James Baldwin. I love these final videos when he's older, wiser.

I am posting a lot but next week is AWP and I suspect I will post less since I have to go downtown and find parking and pay for parking and walk a ways in order to attend the conference. It's kind of weird to have it come to Denver since I live here. It's a bit less exciting than when you travel to the conference. I'm going to try to attend con tinta, but I teach during the time it is scheduled. I suppose I could take the bus too, but I live in Arvada and driving seems easier now since buses may not run out here very late.

It's so quiet online now. No wars. No tossing of insults. No jagged mis-perceptions and lashing out. Hmmm. Am I healed? Not yet, no.

No seriously, I'm glad for that quietness.

I uploaded my Yaddo files to Google documents and hope this will get me to at least revise them. It's hard to write, difficult to get motivated to write. The weight of po-biz has me down, down, down.

I'm thinking seriously about sending my manuscript elsewhere since I have been given the run-around like you wouldn't believe. I guess it's a money thing. Who knows. Patience has never been one of my virtues, so maybe it's best to work on it now. I will seek out someone with the initials C.E. at AWP and see if I can't get some concrete response. I feel like a feather blowing in the wind. Where I will land is anyone's guess.

I wonder if anyone will like 7. It seems that side of Po-biz has me down, down, but I will try to focus on the moment and living day to day. It would be healthier if I stopped reading blogs, the internet and po-biz happenings. It seems too that that is mostly an internet thing. It's like if you leave it, it no longer exists!

I want to look at the AWP schedule and decide which panels I will attend. I am going to attend the Tim Hernandez, Michael Medrano and Lee Herrick reading for sure and will post that information here soon.

My, I've taken to journaling online I suppose. Too much journaling on my part, but it feels good in some ways. It helps me organize myself a bit, a bit.

I need to type up the poems from second graders this weekend. It's urgent. I still haven't done it, but I love, just love the poems from the children in Writers in the Schools!!!!! I will miss this if I can't do it next year; I mean if I actually end up getting a job and being employed like the rest of the world.

I'm rambling.

Ha! It's okay, it's my blog.

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