Thursday, April 15, 2010

I received/purchased the following books signed by their wonderful authors at AWP.

FLEXIBLE BONES by Maria Melendez
HEAVEN BELOW by Oscar Bermeo, Palimpsest press
by Suzanne Frishkorn
BREATHING, IN DUST by Tim Hernandez
ELSA'S HUNGER BY Carolina Monsivais
ARC AND HUE by Tara Betts
MY KILL ADORE HIM by Paul Martinez Pompa (not signed!)
INSIDES SHE SWALLOWED by Sasha Pimental Chacon
heredities by J.Michael Martinez
FIRE AND INK: AN ANTHOLOGY OF SOCIAL ACTION WRITING BY Diana Garcia, Francis Payne Adler, Debra Busman

I may write some more about these books as I read them or possibly review them for the El Paso Times later this summer. I had a good time at AWP. At first I was wondering about alone wondering what the hell I was doing there, but then I started meeting people. It was a good experience.


I have papers to grade today mostly, and then I need to go to Colorado Humanities to take some paper work in for Writers in the Schools so I can get paid! Yay!


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Suzanne said...

It was so great to see you, Sheryl! xo