Saturday, April 03, 2010

Sherwin Bitsui


I typed a poem from my journal which I will read at the One Poem reading at AWP. The langauge is kind of flat, but it is about trauma and recovery. I think I am reading it for healing purposes more than anything else. Hopefully people will be okay with it. C says it's a good one to read, so I'll put it on her. ;) It's going to be kind of difficult to read.

Lots of really good poets will be reading. I am glad to be included with them.


I am headed to get my oil changed and then go out with some friends in Denver today.

I need to get a lot of work done: typing poems for Writers in the Schools, finding bilingual poems for Writers in the Schools, grading papers, prepping for my class, and lots of basic chores to do this weekend. Who would think someone so underemployed would have stuff to do. I am glad to have things to do. Sometimes I get very bored thinking and think about how I need a "real" job. But maybe making it peacemeal with part-time gigs "is" what I need now as I've been told. But let's face it, America is about cash.


Trauma causes us to blame others. I think the whole life isn't fair thing is a thing to write about. According to APPROVAL ADDICTION by Joyce Meyer "When we have been mistreated, it seems totally unfair to just forgive those who have hurt us. We feel someone needs to pay for what has happened to us. When we hurt, we want to blame. We want justice!...We must make an effort to forgive and let go of anger."

I still like this book a lot.

Well, have a nice day.

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