Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sent the manuscript out again after cutting it from 75 pages to 50 pages. Re-titled it too and am Very nervous. But why worry now? I have to keep trying and get the mindset that in time it will be taken. Ugh. Have to get my mind on the newer work and be relentless in sending it out. Hopefully this small independent press will like it. I really like the new title a lot. I've really streamlined it I think, but at the moment I have no sections as sections keep feeling forced, and I want it to flow nicely from one poem to the next without a coerced theme that makes the collection seem uneven.

I have plenty of time to write and think while I'm waiting to hear back I'll work on new work which I will eventually send out to journals. Why worry? I lack confidence. But I am working my way back to having it. I think this press may like it, but I have no idea really if they will as it's very different than Pity and am glad to have dropped the title Seven and the too-heavy load of poems that came with it. It's much lighter and more cohesive, but boy do I worry!!!!

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