Thursday, September 16, 2010

I'm trying to prepare for a 1:00 comp class and am in a rush as usual. I am literally driving all over the Denver metroplex to get to classes. I'm enjoying classes immensely if not the actual driving to and fro.

Today we discussed Pound and a bit of Eliot in the lit class. I have very, very bright students.

This afternoon I'll have students do some group work over an essay they have read and possibly have a discussion about whether or not torture is acceptable punishment in response to terrorism.

Next semester I may only teach two classes. I need to not be carried away into teaching so many classes. It was hard to say no to a lit class, but in the end I hope like a fool to teach a creative writing workshop again some day. I am adhering to someone else's syllabus which makes it a bit difficult, but I am learning a great deal and enjoying the students.


Pound. I have given his poems more thought recently than I ever have before and despite not liking him as an undergraduate, I find him interesting, but the heavy allusions and references make him a difficult read.

I'm going to lunch with a friend now.


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