Thursday, September 23, 2010

Five mistakes everyone should make. I have most definitely managed do do all of these things successful people supposedly do. Am I more "successful" than I think I am? I hope so.

Insecurity has plagued me of late, and I sense it's time to start writing again, but I have 100 plus papers to grade this weekend :( I am feeling a bit more secure today, sensing everything will be okay despite the pressure of teaching so many courses.


Today I'm at the Auraria campus library getting ready to find some academic articles on Pound and Eliot. I've asked students to write a response to one of the poets we've read: Pound, Eliot, Stevens and Williams. The response can be a poem or an essay or even a free write. I really am interested in hearing their reactions to this varied group of poets.


"And so,/like this flower/I persist---/for what there may be in it./I am not,/I know,/ in the galaxy of poets/a rose/ who who among the rest,/ will deny me/ my place."

--- William Carlos Williams from "The Pink Locust" HEATH ANTHOLOGY OF AMERICAN LITERATURE. Vol. D. Wadsworth. 2010.

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