Thursday, September 02, 2010

I picked up an American Lit course which I'm excited about, but I'm a little overwhelmed as I also have 4 comp courses, but it should turn out okay. In any case, I'm very busy right now and am not sure I'll have much time to blog and as they say blogging is dead. I don't think it's really dead. I also have had a number of good things occur which I'll report here in due time. I will attempt to be more literary and more snobbish ;)

In any case, maybe I'll ponder what I'm reading and discuss it here. I'm taking the class over for someone who needs administrative course release, so I'm very excited to be teaching lit. again. I'll be using THE HEATH ANTHOLOGY OF AMERICAN LITERATURE. SIXTH EDITION. VOLUMES C, D AND E.

Once again I get to struggle with Auraria campus parking. :( Oh well, I'm happy to deal with it as I am thrilled to be on that campus again for a time.


Ashley said...

I am glad you are excited to pick up the American Lit course. I will be one of your new students come Tuesday. I look forward to meeting you in person.

Sheryl said...

Hi Ashley,
Thanks for dropping by! Looking forward to the semester.