Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I will go get a strong cup of coffee in a minute. I am under a lot of pressure to revise a manuscript suddenly, but I'm very, very excited about it at the same time. Lots of work ahead of me in terms of toning up and polishing and tightening a number of poems.

Realizing that I also need to write an essay and teach five courses all simultaneously. It's a bit hectic in that I drive so much lately, but I feel reinvigorated in some ways. Some days I still get stuck in the rut of being disappointed and angry at someone, but then I regroup and find myself having lots of wonderful things happen simultaneously, but unfortunately I can't post the news here yet. I do recognize that I need to gain confidence in my work, my teaching and my presence. The essay will be a bit tricky in that I'm not certain what I want to say and need to go check out Diana Garcia's WHEN LIVING WAS A LABOR CAMP in order to get started on it; that and Lorna Dee Cervantes' EMPLUMADA will be integral to the essay I plan on writing.

Well, I'm off for a caffeine fix, a pretty necessary one as I spilled lots of my coffee all over my shirt this morning.


Robert Vasquez said...

I certainly know what it's like to teach five courses: I'm teaching five this semester. Normally I teach four courses a semester, but I signed up for an overload to bank some units in case I need to teach less than a full load. And I've opted for five courses in the spring too (mainly because our college has cancelled summer school because of the budget problems in our fair state). All that teaching takes it toll, so I wish you all the best Sheryl. (And I'm envious that you have time to blog regularly--I wish I could do that more often.)

Be well.

Sheryl said...

Hi Robert,
Yes, 5 courses takes a toll. Most who teach at community colleges teach 5, and I don't know how they do it. I just don't seem to have the organizational skills to do it.

I guess I blog regularly to reduce stress, which may not be such a good thing. I hope to see you again sometime in person. I hope you are well.