Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Feeling pretty good after a fantastic Canto Mundo! Thanks to the wonderfully giving and nurturing Cantomundistas! I feel free back in the glorious Denver summertime! It looks like I'm being recommended as a peer-mentor or peer-specialist at the mental health center. I'm thrilled as I can do this part-time and keep my disability. I think I need this kind of shift in my life. I can possibly help other people going through what I've gone through. I may even be able to teach a writing workshop or better yet a poetry workshop! I am still waiting for my award letter from social security. I am so thankful the judge ruled in my favor. I feel light. I feel free. I feel happy! Now it seems time to start writing fresh new work! Working on the cover for my book still. Looking at a couple of photographers. I found a photo from an El Paso (Texas) photographer which I am going to advocate for with my editors. I am pleased with the ongoing collaborative discussion about the cover. Everything is going so well in my life. I feel truly blessed and am filled with gratitude. The universe has been so kind to me of late. Oh, I may be leading a panel/round-table discussion with some Latina poets in February. Wait a minute! I will be leading such a panel right before the book comes out with 3: A Taos Press.

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