Friday, July 01, 2011

I'm driving to Big Spring, Texas tomorrow to visit my brother. We'll stay a day or two and then head to Dallas to visit with my sister, and then I'll head to Canto Mundo while my mother visits Little Lucy in Austin. I hope to have dinner in Austin with a friend, and get motivated about writing. I studied with Ben Saenz for my MFA, so I have no doubt his workshop will be great, and I'm looking forward to attending the other workshop led by Naomi Ayala.


I think if Canto Mundo goes well that I will apply for some residency programs next winter, possibly.


El Paso has been great at 108 degrees. I met with the Carmen and saw Amit and Chacon, among other people associated with Bordersenses magazine. I met with my aunt and uncle, and although I didn't make it to their gallery, I got some good sound advice about the life long journey of being an artist. Very excited to see my bro and sister! Yay!

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