Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I'm at a coffee shop in old town Arvada. Time to work on my review, one of them. Not feeling too great today, but I have to get these reviews finished. I have four more left to do. I need a desk and a room of my own. If not that, I need a quiet coffee shop or library with a desk.

I find myself critical of work that doesn't have surprising word play, then I realize some of my poems are very narrative too. What to do? What to think? I'll I can do is continue to write and do the best I can. It's very hard not to compare oneself to others who are simply doing phenomenal work.

I have "Seeking Safety" group tomorrow, and after that I hope to get down and busy with this review. I am getting better in that I have more confidence and am more self-assured than I have been in oh, the last 35 years or so, so good on me!!!

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