Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I've been sick today, but I'm feeling better. I'm heading to Texas on Friday!

I think if they like the manuscript, I'm assigned an editor or something according to a fiction-writing friend. Friends that know me are pleasantly surprised I sent the manuscript out, but I'm glad I did. There's time to make changes still, and I needed to get that monkey off my back. I'm trying not to think negatively, to view the positive in the situation. There's still plenty of time to make changes. I am ready to start writing some new and different poems.

I went to an art show yesterday where a friend sold 10 copies of his chapbook, as he read when the piano player took a break. It was great fun, and I've decided to enter some artwork in it next year. It's for a good cause. I mostly draw stuff with pencils and pastels, and though I'm not very good, I am improving. So, I think next year I won't cut in on this friend's good deal with the poetry, but I'll try to do some paintings, which some say the one's I've done are okay. My brother has one hanging in his house. I'm really looking forward to continuing my artwork. I'm most definitely a beginner, but I enjoy it very much, and I felt some of my drawings were/are just as good as some displayed. Some, not so much! hahaha

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