Friday, June 24, 2011

It will probably be 3 months before I hear back from the press and reviewers, maybe longer. I'm relieved I sent it because I can get some feedback from the readers. I feel good. The manuscript is raw in that it deals with sexual abuse, loss and forgetting, but it is in the end about recovery, and I realize I wrote this not so much to be a poet, but because it had to be written. Some people like it less than Pity and two women say it's better. Interesting diverse reactions. All in all, I feel good about it in that I spent over a month tightening it up. I spent 4-5 years on it I believe and expect at least another year of polishing might occur, maybe two.

These distinctions we draw. I'm not any better. The thing is I hope to get back to writing some more now. I felt the manuscript was/is a weight that had to come off my back. Now I'm headed to Texas feeling pretty darn good! I'm at a hotel resting and New Mexico is certainly more hot than Colorado. Whew!

Yes, I have this much extra time on my hands. Life is finally good!!!! I am resting!!! I am celebrating!!! I am going to write some new stuff!!!! I feel good. I don't live with my mom, but I am living on the edge and it feels okay to not have money. I'm tired of the rat race to nowhere. Be free!!!

Chuck those societal standards and judgements. Life is to short. Success is in the moment. I feel it finally. The sky is spectacular. The trees are spectacular. The sun is best of all, even though it be hot.

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