Sunday, November 14, 2010

Cat Stevens - Hard Headed Woman (live)

At the Jefferson County Public library grading papers, or should I say, taking a break from grading papers. It will be odd next semester to have no papers to grade, but hopefully I will actually begin to write again. I read and am re-reading poems by Janice Mirikitani, a Japanese-American poet. Her work is interestingly bold, sad and moving. I think we like to forget about Japanese internment camps in WW2. Similarly, I find younger people more and more feeling like race, culture and difference are no longer problems, yet one young man did mention SB 1070 which I was calling SB 1022. Maybe it is due to a generation gap; I'm not sure anymore but people seem to want to avoid the issue at all costs or at least minimize it, say they are colorblind or imply that. In any case, Janice Mirikitani's work is interesting to me because it obviously has been so marginalized.

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