Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mad World - Gary Jules

I have to continue working at 7-11 for a time. I need to try to find another part-time job, but it's not easy with teaching two courses beginning on Monday. I'm soooooo relieved to be teaching again. In the meantime, the facade is on; the masks are worn. The children are playing. The children are fighting.

I have to continue working at 7-11 for a time, an unknown amount of time. We are but fixtures and furnishings. Wind in the blowing mad. I have to continue working at 7-11 and writing poems about Brazilian bold, Regular, decaf, listing and listing of products: male enhancement pills, condoms, energy drinks: amp, rock star, Monster, chew: kodiak, copenhagen pouches, straight, blunt wraps: blue juju, melon burst, zig-zag rolling paper.

I'm a nerd or a dork or avoiding reality. Reality: watching the clock, watching the ever slow clock. The products are on the shelf, in the cooler, the beer is locked. The beer cabinet is locked. The bathroom is trashed again and again.

Graffiti is painted over and over, a lock is purchased. Nobody locks the bathroom, the key hangs on a plunger.

You will remember most the silence of your friends, not the enemies' laughter.

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