Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A friend is headed to AWP, and I realize droves are headed to Chicago again. I will stay in the Denver area as I can't afford it. I went to a meditation class last night, a transmission meditation group and found the experience VERY powerful. I felt a sense of spirituality I haven't felt in many, many years. The group meets twice a week and I plan on attending. It was a very good experience, and I went with a friend who has a kind and wondrous spirit who was just given a cancer diagnosis. If I could be one tenth of the person he is, I would have lived a good life.

It's time for me to focus on revising the manuscript, the albatross about my neck, but I think now I have worked some things out that where blocking me, like why I write, who I am writing for etc. There was a lot of distorted thinking about who I thought I needed to write for, and now I know I just need to write and try to help the people who need it and want it. I am not up for the games played sometimes. I just want to get back to writing with a heart for the people who need it out of love and care. And now I am writing about sexual abuse and recovery in the context of seven sins and seven charities. I think these things matter more than who-knows-who.

We can only write what moves us, what brings us pleasure and healing. Overall, I am feeling free after having had a difficult few weeks. I hope to continue meditation class as it is very freeing and full of hope.

Be well.

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