Tuesday, January 11, 2011

anna nalick - wreck of the day (acoustic)

Can't sleep. It's 3: 47 a.m.. Thinking about how I have only revised one poem since I haven't been working, and how I need to be more disciplined. I have worries that I can't write anymore. I also seem to wake up at 4 a.m. a lot.

Well, I have no excuses anymore. I mean for the writing. I wanted to apply for Dobie Paisano, but I can't spend the $30.00, likewise for the $50.00 Macondo fee. We'll see. I doubt I will be able to apply but you never know I may gamble, but it's a big gamble, no? I need to use the money to join a gym or rec center. I'm like Oprah, only worse.

Well, I might as well try to revise a poem while I'm awake.

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