Saturday, November 19, 2011

Just sent poems to a number of journals, nervously and wildly. Somewhat concerned about my work, not sure where it's going or what it's doing. Lots of "songs"-- Song for the Bully, Song for the Discombobulated, The Song Home, The Song Back. Song for Two Crones. Others reflect my current living conditions waiting for my Social Security Hearing: The Beggars, The Beggar, The Friend, Starting Over ect. Basically, I have a lot of backlogged work. A lot. Not sure what editors will think of it as some of it is quite frank. I wish I were more linguistically acrobatic, but I am writing much shorter poems than I used to write, though I have a long one called "The Final Border." At least I'm sending work out. Fearful it will all come back rejected though, but I suspect something somwhere will be taken.

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