Thursday, November 03, 2011

Spent some time dancing to Beck today. Wrote 3 drafts of poems tonight. It's slowly coming back. Was on radio in El Paso, Texas, but I haven't yet found the link for words on the wire at U.T.E.P.. Will be on Ft. Collins radio station Dec. 4th around 7 pm for the Donna Stein show. Donna Stein is a fantastic and interesting poet, most notably humble. So things are still happening. Thinking about sending manuscript elsewhere aka shopping it around a bit, but I'm so broke it makes that difficult. Thinking about sending to Vassar Miller Prize where Major Jackson will be the judge. It's out of my alma mater's press, UNT.

My new roomate is working out wonderfully. Her piece was also accepted for the Jefferson Center for Mental Health Calendar. Can't believe I am getting paid for artwork. It's very encouraging as a lot of "real" artists entered as there's an artist's co-op that's been formed with a lot of visual artists from the Jeffco/Denver area. I'm thrilled. Maybe I'll go ahead and post a picture if I can figure out how to do so. Yes, I can ask someone for some help with that.

With 100.00 I'm thinking about buying a printer, yet again. Those cheap printers and I don't get along very well for very long, but alas, it would be another cheap one. Then I would like to buy some oil pastels as my designs look better in pastels as this one was picked.  I'd also like to buy some copies of Pity the Drowned Horses, as I've gone years without copies. I will try to sell some at the artshow on Dec. 17th. I just hope they sell, and I'm selling them for 18.00 a pop too!!!

I have value! I have worth! What a concept. Better late than never.

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