Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cat Stevens - Hard Headed Woman

I am surrounded by piles of paper, exams, roll sheets, codes and passwords, a puddied and boned skull,--- empty-eyed and I'm thinking I'll relax a bit before a 4:45 pm appointment. Lots of talk on listservs rooted in theory and some other things. More and more, I'm finding I reside in a different space. Maybe it's a matter of time, a matter of opportunity, a matter of interest or lack thereof, but it seems to me, there's concrete daily issues that interupt such ponderings on my part.

I love this song. I love "all" of the lyrics, all the way through.--- "I've known a lot of fancy dancers..."

Poetry is still not happening, although I did write a single line which I like and hope I haven't heard somewhere else.

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