Saturday, July 31, 2010

I am getting ready to submit to a number of magazines. I have a number of poems I am insecure about, but I understand my insecurity about them, among other things is a problem that needs work. We are all, after all, a work in progress.

I have a ton of poems, mostly short lyrical poems, and I also have a number of lyrical/narrative pieces which I hope to place. It's been many years since I've sent my work out unsolicited, so here it goes. I'm bracing myself for the rejection as these poems are different than the type of poems I was writing before, but I feel I will get an acceptance or two in the end. Possibly they are somewhat surreal now? No, not really. They are all quite plain spoken, but there is something to small words and poems too. My work is not as organic as it once was, in that it isn't necessarily working holistically in its appeal. Maybe it is more fragmented than before. Yes, I think so. Lots of insecurity after Po-biz kicked my ass, but I'm back writing again a little at a time, and I think it's best to enjoy that process of creativity. I'm at Cannon Mine to mark the occasion of getting my stuff ready by labeling envelopes to at least 20 journals for now.

A number of the poems deal with healing and mental health and there's at least one journal out there that calls for such poems, so I will send there. Very excited to be on the ball about this this fall finally.

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