Sunday, November 18, 2012

Here's an early Dylan song. A favorite line about the rain needing no applause and "lay down the song you strum." Woke up startled this morning. Will try to work on some poetry today among other tasks I have to do including looking carefully at a few poems in SEVEN. It is with the book designer now. Also I have to gather some emails for interview questions I will be asking soon.

I sold a piece at the art show and am tickled. I bought some chalk pastels and will try working with those over the holidays. I've been using oil pastels and have improved significantly from last year due to someone who has taken mercy on my soul and begun to teach me techniques.

I've ordered two books by Noam Chomsky that I'm looking forward to reading. I've listened to a number of videos on Youtube and find them interesting, but I suspect he's a better writer than speaker.


Still reading Nietzsche and enjoying it. It's still a trip, kind of reads like a thriller rooted in defiance. I like it.

Yet here, "'What do you matter? You are not yet humble enough for me. Humility has the thickest skin.' I dwell at the foot of my height: how high my summits are no one has yet told me. But I know my valleys well.
... 'Do you not know who is most needed by all? He who commands great things. To do great things is difficult: but the more difficult task is to command great things. This is the most unforgivable thing in you: you have great power and you will not rule.' And I answered: 'I lack the lion's voice for command.' Then again as a whispering it spoke to me. 'It is the stillest words that bring the storm. Thoughts come on doves' feet guide the world.'O Zarathustra, you will go as a shadow of that which is to come: thus you will command and in commanding go first.'-- And I answered: 'I am ashamed.' Then again voicelessly it spoke to me: 'You must yet become a child without shame.'"


When one is raised in shame, a shame that overcasts everything, one clings to beauty and creativity to overcome it. Shame creates envy and much more. Shame casts its shadow deep into the bones. This is why Nietzsche is so interesting to me.


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