Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I'm in El Paso, Texas til May 24th, then I'll head to Dallas/Ft. Worth for a few days.

Waiting to hear back from editors so I can do final revisions, what I hope will be final revisions anyways.

My grandmother passed away on the 8th, and my nephew is getting married on the 26th. Life moves on with its ups and downs.

I feel good about second book/manuscript these days after having disliked it for years as it was in progress. There are more poems about recovery from trauma in the book now, so it feels better, healthier.

Major traumas can hide themselves from one's consciousness and cause havoc in day to day functioning. Major trauma can disrupt one's ability to communicate, to connect, to forge relationships etc. It's a miracle I made it as far as I did with the amnesia, the wounds and the disconnect in my own psyche.

All I know is to make some music out of the recoveries, the daily victories in self-esteem and confidence no matter how small the steps, they are significant and healing.

I look forward to the pleasure of writing these days and the sun here is gorgeous. I am home.

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