Thursday, August 29, 2013

Here's the most recent painting I've done. Still needs a lot of work. A friend said not to re-do parts, but I want to do so. It's my 8th painting. The seventh one was so bad I plan on painting over it.

Talked to a friend tonight who used to belong to a radical Chicano group called The Crusade. Very interesting stuff. Often with radicals comes hypocrisy.Not that everyone in that group today is a radical, but wanting to help an abstract conglomeration rather than real people is lame. Wanting to help only a certain type of person is also lame, especially when this regards gender or socio-economic standards (ie: only helping or interacting with people who went to Harvard or some other top notch school or are well situated geographically.) Lots of support for Latino men, little support for Latinas. It's often unconscious too. I'd like to continue interviewing Latinas because we should be in the forefront, not the background. I am interviewing some women now, but want to do one more round after that and have kindly been offered a venue which could help give Latinas some more visibility.

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