Sunday, October 14, 2012

Cat Stevens. "Oh Very Young"-- I love this song!

Today, I sent a number of poems to magazines, which proves difficult in that I'm not sure where my new work fits. In any case, I'm working it. I will send more out later this week.

I've narrowed it down to four poems/excerpts for the back cover of the book, as I will not be having any blurbs!!! Why?? The poetry world is full of who-knows-who, and I really am tired of it, too.

But in the end, I have to enjoy the writing. Regarding placing a poem or excerpt on the back cover, I'm excited about from a poem in the collection titled "Dawn." We'll see if that one is a go, or the three others I've decided might work. One poem is titled "Universal Kiss," and I'm thinking it might work too.

In any case, sending work out today was a humbling experience. This lack of confidence is something I must continually work on, and I think it comes about due to past traumas. Anger too at favoritism and who-knows-who communal out-casting bothers me for these same reasons. But I speak into the ether to myself mostly. I have to remain constant with the writing, with the healing and with the faith. I have to believe I have some talent and work hard. I have to have faith that I can somehow be of help to other people. I have to believe that the b.s. that goes on doesn't have to affect me!!! I think in time, I am getting there. Despite the frustration, I've found some peace in just writing and healing.


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Anonymous said...

You said it. It’s a lonely struggle. Does it ever end. You said yourself, Sheryl: ….MaƱana never / comes just right. I mend myself in the folds / of paper songs, ring my paper bells / for empty success.

Don't ever give up.