Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Currently deciding on a cover for my new collection. I think I see three things I'm feeling okay with at this time. First,a photograph a woman on a horse holding some wings-- which seems to fit with the seven sins and charities, and the lost innocence and vulnerability that comes with abuse or trauma, although I didn't much like the wings initially. Second, a painting which is a montage of objects which seem to represent various themes in the book such as the biblical stuff (much of it questioning with a slant, I'd like to think). There's a bible, a cross, medicine and a bandage which for me represent healing and the seven sins/charities. Finally there's a sculpture I like which is the figure of a woman, minus her head, or signifying her head is in the clouds. Ha!

So I'm deciding on that and rather or not I'll have blurbs. Advice from friends is going both ways. I'm leaning towards not having any blurbs. I might post something on facebook regarding this question today.


Going to get back to the writing soon after a camping trip. I've been writing drafts longhand which is a change for me. A few times I've typed stuff up and then gone to the notebook to revise and pick and choose lines which seem most compelling. I plan on re-typing them and giving them another go-round with the revisions. Feeling great these days minus some illness in my family. Trying hard to pray with sincerity though it is difficult for me to be honest.

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