Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My second book, Seven,  should, could be out for AWP 2013 from 3: A Taos Press

I am thankful to have met my excellent editors: Andrea Watson and Madelyn Garner who have been beyond helpful. I am feeling better about the collection each day thanks to them and their encouragement.

Working on some poems in the collection still. Ironically, I worked on it for seven years. I'm more glad each day that I took as long as I did. I did some hard personal growing in those seven years. I was very busy, too busy teaching as an adjunct and wandering about unhealed and quite broken. I am thinking about seasons and impermanence, how everything changes. Now, I have been blessed with time to write, and I intend to make good use out of it, to try and go my own pace and write to my potential.

Thinking about 8 dharmas in a book called When Things Fall Apart which two people over the years have encouraged me to read. Thinking about a poet's desire for praise/fame, how we struggle to let go of envy, and how our time is fleeting. I want to look back on my life peacefully, unafraid, healed and whole. I want to write books I will remain proud of, and I want to know that I was able to do my best in such endeavors and that somehow I helped someone, maybe a reader, come to terms with trauma and recovery, existence and death, shame and praise. It is simply a wild journey.

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