Friday, February 18, 2011

Depeche Mode - New Life (Top Of The Pops) 1981

Reading DOOR IN THE MOUNTAIN: New and Collected Poems 1965-2003 by Jean Valentine. Like the idea of New Life today which she expressed in one of her poems!! Feeling good. Feel Good. Feel good! Seeking a new life in many ways. NEW LIFE. NEW LIFE. NEW LIFE. NEW LIFE.

Difficulty liking the poem below and will possibly pull it from the manuscript. My negative fears about the manuscript are rooted in negative thought patterns created when I was younger and I have to learn to stop those negative thoughts. Easier said than done. Then again...maybe there are some serious problems with it. Ugh. Oh to be confident!!! To be self-assured about my work! I feel deflated despite positive feedback. Time to get it together!!! NEW LIFE. These vacillations may help. I swing from over-inflated ego to distraught "people-pleaser." Time to get it together! I have created something, birthed it too quite painfully and am realizing I've held on to the manuscript for a very, very long time, years. So I am waiting to hear back from some critics I suspect can only help. But I need to know when to trust myself because the poems are born of a journey dealing with trauma, and in many ways they are going to be different than other people's poems. Different presses for different strokes?

Also will begin IN THE NEXT GALAXY by Ruth Stone.

Very glad to be reading women. Jean Valentine's collection has made an impression and I am learning a lot in reading it. It's interesting to see her progression through the years, and I am recognizing that one must simply do the best one can do.



Robert Vasquez said...

Hi Sheryl,

I noticed in one of your entries that you're not going to be teaching--cutbacks at where you work?

We're experiencing that here in California; at COS, they're asking departments to cut classes to the point where we'll have 8-9,000 students instead of our current 12,000--and I'm sorry to say our adjunct faculty are taking the hardest hits. And what's going on in Wisconsin isn't encouraging (they want to strip state employees of union rights).

Hang in there; times will get better. You're a remarkable poet--you've written some amazing poetry that I guarantee you will last--and even though right now the advanced degrees may seem useless, they'll come in handy when academic jobs become more plentiful.

All the best,


Sheryl said...

Hi Robert,
It's more for health purposes, and it's a long story, but I won't be teaching for awhile, possibly ever again, depending on things. I need to take a break from it.

Robert Vasquez said...

Hi Sheryl,

Your health should come before all other concerns, so I hope you take care of yourself. Maybe some day your health will allow you to return to the classroom--you have a wealth of knowledge and craft expertise that would benefit students.