Monday, September 09, 2013

I just wrote on facebook about how I am glad I am not up for tenure at an academic institution because I can speak freely. Also, I am not sure if tenured professors feel they can speak freely. Finally, I am thankful I am not an adjunct living without health insurance. All is well. Everything is okay.

Time to do some more writing. I've been plugging away, putting it all down, writing like I mean it.

Today I did help teach the creative writing class at the mental health center's wellness program, and it was nice. We did some free writing on the topic of recovery. It was a good experience as I feel no longer stuck in a place of negativity and shock from my illness. I am well on my way to recovery, and it feels fantastic.

I have a project I hope to finish tomorrow. There may have been a mishap on my part, but if that's the case I'll survive it. Feeling okay with things these days. Feeling like I am free to write, free to speak my mind, free to enjoy life.

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